Tower by Serena B.

Once upon a time there was a boy that lived at the top of a very tall tower all by himself.  The tower was so high that by looking out his window he could see almost everything that happened for miles and miles around.  Every day without fail he watched the world outside.  The world around him changed over the years; the city grew larger and the buildings became taller.  People lived and died while he remained a boy up in his tower.  Although he was alone, he was content to live his life that way forever.

Or so he thought.

One day a strange sight caught his eye.  He saw a girl riding on beams of moonlight, her long hair streaming behind her in the breeze.  The boy watched as she glided along, gracefully skimming in and out of the clouds below his tower.  As she happily went about her travels he felt himself engulfed by the loneliness that hovered deep inside his soul for so long.  He felt a sudden longing to talk to her.

As if sensing him watching her, the girl looked up at him and smiled, her eyes sparkling with warmth as they gazed into his.  Silently she sailed up to his window, hovering just out of reach.

“Hello,” she whispered shyly.  “I seem to have lost my way.”

“You want to go back home,” he stated, a bit disappointed that she didn’t want to stay and visit with him.

She nodded, replying, “This is my first time flying this far above the clouds.  Can you help me?”

After a slight delay he answered, yes, and, closing his eyes, he concentrated.  A moment later he opened his eyes.  “There,” he said, pointing southward.  The girl turned and looked to see that the clouds had lifted revealing a house far on the edge of the city.

“Thank you,” she said with relief.  “I’ll repay you someday.”  With another smile and a wave she was on her way, once again soaring through the clouds and back to her home.

Years passed and the little girl grew up into a beautiful young woman.  The boy watched all from his tower window, patiently waiting for her return.

Finally, one night she came to him on the moonlight.

“You’ve come to fulfill your promise,” the boy asked her, as she floated up to his tower window.

“No,” she answered, softly shaking her head.  “I’ve come for you.”  She held her hand out towards him, waiting to see what he would do.

Smiling, he took her hand and tentatively stepped outside.  Together they soared on wisps of magic.  He never looked back, not even as he heard the sounds of the tower collapsing in the distance.

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