The Abruptness of Storytelling

This is a cross-post from The Unicorn Blues. Lately I’ve been thinking about different ways you can tell a story, and how abrupt tonal shifts and/or endings shouldn’t always be considered flaws. No matter what kind of story you’re telling, it is somewhat going to echo life around you; life with its rapid tonal shifts … Continue reading The Abruptness of Storytelling

Laugh While You Can… That Means You’re Still Breathing

The Land of Laughs was lit by eyes that saw the lights that no one's seen. Jonathan Carroll, The Land of Laughs In my irregular series on creepy books in honor of the impending autumn, I present to you one of the funnier ones. To a point. This book reads like a light surreal comedy … Continue reading Laugh While You Can… That Means You’re Still Breathing

The Detective with a Funny Hat

Reblogged from Stark Writing Crazy: This has become shorthand in some writing circles for character traits that are just pasted on like they were cut out of construction paper and glued to the guy at the last moment. These traits don’t actually affect anything in the story, but the author, and some readers, are convinced … Continue reading The Detective with a Funny Hat

Free, Out of Print Pulp Fiction

Now that I have your attention: Munseys is a website that has free, out of print pulp fiction... over 1600 volumes and counting. Granted, most of them seem to be of the soft-core or exploitation variety, but there are some gems buried in here, such as a few works by Algernon Blackwood and Robert E. … Continue reading Free, Out of Print Pulp Fiction

Choosing the Right Thread

Last week, Matthew Rettino of the excellent site The Vinciolo Journal, left a comment on one of my articles: [I]t’s a genre that’s here to stay, for sure. One of the reasons being, that most of history is speculation. And fantasy is speculative literature. As someone who is both a student of literature and of … Continue reading Choosing the Right Thread