Discussion Post: In Which I Talk About Book Blogging

Hey all! Well, while I was spending all weekend reading, furiously, I didn't have much time to pre-write posts up and last night was a bust so...no review today. But that got me to thinking about book blogging in and of itself and how hard it can be to balance everything sometimes. Finding Balance -... Continue Reading →


Why I Love Fantasy – A Rambling Essay of Sorts #WyrdAndWonder

IMAGE CREDITS: DRAGON – BY  KASANA86 FROM 123RF.COM   In honor of Wyrd and Wonder I'm doing my first kind of discussion post since I rebooted the blog a year and a half ago. Huzzah! Why I Love Fantasy - A Rambling Essay of Sorts Fantasy has been my top genre since pretty much, well, forever. And one of... Continue Reading →

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