Reviews: Indie FSF Magazines

Those of you who know me know that the science-fiction or fantasy novella is perhaps my favorite form of fiction, with well-written stories close behind. I do adore good long doorstoppers from time to time (I did just finish Kushiel's Dart, and I plan on reading the rest of the trilogy after I read A … Continue reading Reviews: Indie FSF Magazines

Book Review: Kingshold

Many, many years ago, the revered scribe J.R.R. Tolkien wrote "Not all who wander are lost." Wise he may have been, but he apparently never traveled with me. While our trip north was much less eventful than our trip south, I still had to spend most of Sunday in Bowling Green, KY, coping with a … Continue reading Book Review: Kingshold

Book Review: The Automation

  I have been under a curse, recently. Locked away in my fortress in the eastern wilds, I am being tormented and attacked by a terrible and fierce devil. Every time I turn around, she's stabbing at me, biting at my feet, howling at the sky and threatening to tear me apart. And the only … Continue reading Book Review: The Automation

Brainstorming: A Play in One Agonizing Act. Scene One

[Article by CJ Casey] Some of you may know that Iā€™m currently revising the first book of a trilogy and charging into the rough draft of the second book. While I was going through my notes, I came across this informal play script that I came up with when I was brainstorming the concepts and … Continue reading Brainstorming: A Play in One Agonizing Act. Scene One

The Infinity of Space and Other Humorous Concepts

Hi! Today, in my review, I'm going to discuss three books. All are independently published, and I will be singing the praises of this amazing publishing option, as well as warning people away from the dragons and goblins that lurk along the way. For like any good fantasy quest, the journey to the Lost Tower … Continue reading The Infinity of Space and Other Humorous Concepts


Good morning and Happy Monday, WTF. Today, I'm stepping back into this joint blogging endeavor and letting my once-briefly-noticed blog Stark Writing Mad fall by the wayside. I realized a while back that I could blog regularly or write novels and stories, and since my various characters have a lot of pull in my head, … Continue reading Homecoming

Low Flying Fantasy: The Coldfire Trilogy

Today, I'll be talking about an underrated Science-Fantasy series by C.S. Friedman, The Coldfire Trilogy. Every so often, I'll find myself in a bookstore holding a book I might have started decades ago, or at least wanted to read, and so it was with the second book, When True Night Falls. I'm not even sure … Continue reading Low Flying Fantasy: The Coldfire Trilogy