WtF a Fantasy Podcast #12 – Historical Fantasy

Here's the audio version of the week's broadcast. Feel free to download and take it with you! This week on the webcast we chatted about historical fantasy, what defines it, how it relates to alternate history, and why we love it. We brought up works both from inside and outside the fantasy genre that we... Continue Reading →


WtF a Fantasy Podcast #11 – Sword and Sorcery

A little late, but here's our latest podcast. Conan, D&D, Howard, Moore, and the examples of Sword and Sorcery in some modern media. Hope you enjoy! To download, right click and hit Save Link As.     Panelists: June Faramore Lisa Richardson CJ Casey Webcast Notes: 00:01 - theme and intro 01:45 - definition, waxing... Continue Reading →

WtF a Broadcast Episode #11: Sword & Sorcery

Here's our latest webcast. It was all about Sword & Sorcery this week. We talked a bit about the origins, definition, and some of the iconic S&S characters, such as Conan. There was also a good bit about Dungeons and Dragons rpg. Enjoy! Panelists: June Faramore Lisa Richardson CJ Casey   Webcast Notes: 00:01 -... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #10 – Heroic Fantasy

Wednesday night we discussed heroic fantasy and why it is a different subgenre than sword and sorcery. Druss the Legend, Pug and Riftwar,  and Neo's reluctant entrance into The Matrix were all part of our chat. As well as The Vision of Escaflowne, our Anime selection of the week. The origins of heroic fantasy in... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #9 – Dark/GrimDark Fantasy

Right-Click and hit Save Link As to Download In our latest webcast we talk about grimdark fantasy. We cover some of the authors that write these grittier works of fantasy like Abercrombie and Martin. We also discuss some of the negative press grimdark gets and why we think this type of fantasy has value. Panelists:... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #6 – Fairytale Fantasy

We talked about all aspects of fairytale and adaptations thereof this week. Enjoy. To download right click here and select 'save link as'. Panelists: June Faramore Lisa Richardson CJ Casey Webcast Notes: 0:00:01 – WtF theme and intro 0:02:40 – Fairytale fantasy defined and the bowdlerization of fairytales 0:06:59 – Fairytale based tabletop games 0:09:39... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #4 – Comic Fantasy

On today's WtF webcast we talked about Comic Fantasy, huzzah!  Piers Anthony, Bored of the Rings, Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series, Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett, Lamb by Christopher Moore, John Moore's works, and Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles were all discussed. Also a little talk about The Princess... Continue Reading →

Wtf a Fantasy Podcast #3 – Urban Fantasy

We continue to explore the various sub-genres of Fantasy and this week's cast was focused on Urban Fantasy. Throughout we discuss exactly what defines Urban Fantasy, and the various authors and novels that express key elements of the genre. There's a long discussion about Laurell K. Hamilton, what she means to the genre and how... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #2 – Scifi as Fantasy

Here's our second cast, broadcast and recorded earlier today. Apologies if anyone tried to jump in on the broadcast, we were super late due to multiple tech issues. This week we talk about Scifi and how it relates to Fantasy as a sub-genre and some authors with blurry Scifi/Fantasy works including Heinlein, Terry Brooks, Anne... Continue Reading →

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