WtF a Fantasy Podcast #30 – Lisa & Jen’s Great Big Book Geek-Out

On the webcast today we geek out about books, recent things we’ve bought and read, and awesome places we get books from. Enjoy! As always, feel free to download a copy and listen to our cast on the go!   To download, right click this link and select ‘save link as’. Panelists: June Faramore Lisa... Continue Reading →


WtF a Fantasy Podcast #29 – Currently Reading and Book Hoarding

On this episode of WtF, we talked about our massive book hoarding issues and some of the books we’re currently reading. Some of the things we talked about–Rothfuss, Sanderson, Martin. Book signings and randomness. The Book Thief. Tam Lin. The Lives of Tao. Outlander. The Ocean at the End of the Lane. A bunch of... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #27 – Novellas

On last night's webcast we talked about fantasy and science fiction novellas. Kafka's The Metamorphosis was mentioned, along with some of King's work and McCaffrey. We also talked about a lot of novellas collected in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame anthology along with many, many others. Tune in to find out all the details!... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #26 – Stand Alone Fantasy

This week on the webcast we talked about stand alone fantasy novels. Some of the works we discussed:  Little, Big, The Princess Bride, and Elantris. There was also a good bit of talk about Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint. Tune in below to see what all was brought up, leave us a comment and... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #25 – Trilogy, Trilogy, Trilogy

This week on the webcast we got together to talk about our favorite fantasy trilogies. There was much speak on Farseer, LOTR, Merlin trilogy, Kushiel, The Black Magician trilogy, and Memory, Snow, and Thorn. Also, just a reminder that we’re looking for submissions for our next issue coming out in April, so send us your... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #24 – Beyond the Trilogy

This week on the webcast we talked about fantasy works that went beyond the standard trilogy so common in the genre. We discussed some epic fantasy as well as some urban fantasy and even mentioned some science fiction for good measure. Some of the works that came up were Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandros Series, Anne... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #22 – Dystopian Fiction

This week on the webcast we talked about dystopias and how utopias don’t exist! Dark days, population control, and societies that have risen from the ash of war. Fun times! Some of the specific works we talked about were Brave New World, 1984, Logan’s Run, No. 6, The Hunger Games, and Battle Royale. Hope you... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #21 – Superhero Fantasy

This week we talked about superhero fantasy on the webcast. There was, of course, some talk of Superman and Batman, and a mention of the Marvel Universe films. We also discussed The Incredibles, Unbreakable, and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. There were also some fun OT breakdowns. Tune in for the fun, and... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #19 – Low Fantasy

Sorry we're behind in our posting, still recovering from November. In this broadcast we talked about Low Fantasy. We went over the differing definitions, the overlap with other genres (like grimdark/dark fantasy) and some of the specific works. A couple of the topics we talked about: George R.R. Martin, Conan, Joe Abercrombie, Gormenghast. Hope you... Continue Reading →

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