Fantasy Bubble Bath by Sharon Clare

LOHL Book Cover 1435 x 2200

I want to thank Way Too Fantasy Digest for inviting me to share an excerpt from my light paranormal, fantasy romance, Love of Her Lives.

In Love of Her Lives, Calum and Beth are soul mates who have lived many lives together until Beth decides to live a life on her own. Left behind in the Upper World, Calum sees a wrongful imprisonment in her future, so he bargains with Finn, an elven trickster, to return to Earth, rescue Beth, and reclaim her heart. Unfamiliar with the twenty-first century, he must determine who plots against her while playing Finn’s passion-provoking game.

Beth has no recollection of their lives together and didn’t ask this fervent stranger to come to her aid. She is horrified to find her house ransacked and her life threatened. With a secret to keep, she takes the greatest risk of all—trusting Calum. Her life soon depends upon re-evaluating everything she thought normal. Their eternal bond will only be saved if Beth can rescue the man who spanned worlds to rescue her.

In this excerpt, when Calum tries to buy a newspaper, Finn pops in to explain how the second task in his game will work:


Calum opened the door to the shop, and then crossed to the magazines and newspapers. Finn popped in on the top shelf, his long legs dangling over Better Homes and Gardens’ spring issue.

“Do you wish to know your second task?” Finn asked.

Calum’s sigh fluttered the papers he leaned over. Foremost he wanted Beth safe, but he couldn’t deny wanting her in his bed just as fervently. A new realization sprang to light. Finn had rescued Beth and returned her to his side. As long as he kept Finn amused, the elf would keep her safe.

He scanned the selection of newspapers. “Fine then, what is it?”

“You’re in this? Ready to play?”


A kid beside him backed away. Ah right, nobody else could see Finn, Calum thought.

The elfish creature appeared on his feet by Calum’s side. “Good. Come with me.”

With the newspaper gripped in one hand, he followed Finn over to the next aisle where shelves stacked with bottles, soap, and cotton puffs sat across from cat and dog food.

“You’re going to need this.” A bottle teetered over the edge of the shelf in front of him. Calum snatched it up before it hit the ground, glancing quickly along the aisle for customers.

He read the bottle: Simple Pleasures Almond Blossom Bubble Bath. “Is this a jest? I’ll never get that woman into the bath with me. We didn’t end on a romantic note last night, which I’m sure you’re aware of since you’ve mastered being in two places at once. It’s been a bloody hell of a day, and it’s only nine in the morning.”

“You don’t get to take a bath with Bethia, all sudsy and slippery and naked together.” Finn frowned. “Not yet, warrior. Don’t forget, the chase is just as entertaining as the conquest. She gets the bath. You will be her attendant.”

Pick up a copy of Love of Her Lives for your ereader to find out if Calum manages to give Beth a bubble bath.

To celebrate Crimson Romance’s first anniversary, Love of Her Lives will be on sale for the whole month of July! Only $1.99

About the author:

Sharon Clare

Sharon Clare is an author of paranormal romantic novels and lives in Ontario with her husband and three wonderful grown-up kids who come and go from the nest. She fell in love with writing at the University of Toronto where she graduated with a science degree in psychology and professional writing. She has also published short stories, art reviews, newsletter and magazine articles. Her favourite place to write is outside under the maple trees beside the lily pond. You can find here:

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