Poems by Simonetta Martella2

Doughty Me

fearless resolution
when will my sword be ready
I want to go to battle
like Alexander the Great
where is the Gordian knot
I want to render my fate.

I want to slice through it
all the ties that bind me
unloosed and freed
find the will to succeed.

release the ecstasy inside me
set free my sexuality
fearlessly unchain
tightly bounded shame.

soul of my soul
cut lose the fear
heart of my heart
stand brave
don’t fear
courage is here.

shackled in my emotions
my drive and ambition
fearless bravery will free
resolution and absolution
God shall grant me.

mighty admission
exchanged for slavery
at the admission of truth
set free.

will all rise up
and face the reality
to rise with the
brave and free
that fight and don’t cry
drive with their fearless eye
the pride of the doughty me!

Moon Garden

we celebrated the new year 2199
at a party downtown where
the socialites wore veils
and shimmering
gowns that glimmered
in the purest
images of cloistered nuns
let out for a night in heaven
to dance on clouds of wings
of singing angels
to the music of spheres
heavenly bodies in rhythms
from heaven’s talented orchestra
swaying to music playing
of musicians from all time
around the rarely seen
tapestries of paradise
the spectacle of a virgin
bride in her purest white
would only surpass our
cosmetic bloom
of our festooned regalia
formal attire at the
Moon Garden gala 2199!


SimonettaMartella2 has been reading at various poetry open mics across the metaverse in Second Life and on Vimeo.

She loves to use nature, virtual life and introspection in her poetry, but this diverse artist has many other talents. She is a machinima filmmaker and both hosted and produced the End of Days Party as well as making the films shown. She speaks five languages and is a delight to hear in any of them! She is working on her first novel.


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