Poems by June Faramore


The Flood

used to sing on the mountains.
but the mountains wash away.
in salty natural floods.
when the levee breaks.
and the lyrics become garbled.
the trees become a raft.
too waterlogged to float.
or line a forest path.

the waves cannot break them.
only wear them away.
till silver-sheened pieces.
line the beach in May.
an end of a beginning.

final consecration.
the trees hold the key.
to our final destination.



descending on a point of flame.
the humans thought they knew my name.
and all the secrets of my earth.
would be theirs, if only they worked.
to make me comfortable.
and showed me all already known.
to them, but discovery.
is not that easy.

knowledge comes late.
to those that wheeze and crumble in.
unfamiliar air. I do not.
appreciate their stares.
as if I am, some heavenly being.
instead of a Kvarkian.
still reeling from the destruction.
of my land, I need a helping hand.
a plan.
just tell me where.
an alien can stand.


Promises Broken

my dreamless soul faded.
a mote in the wind.
caught by a hand.
led to constant sin.
the skin, I need the cherished touch.
but find it doesn’t matter much.
when promises are broken.

waft away, take me hence.
the trials make me pensive.
the trials make me tense.
spilling over, it’s hard to breathe.
when words don’t make action.
in the end I always bleed.

I keep my commitments.
my loyalty is sound.
but the same in return.
I find I’ve not found.
It’s hard to stay here.
It’s hard not to yell.
When I feel I keep falling.
For the same old sell.

a line, a rhyme, but
my heart’s not paper.
my skin is too thin.
to keep swallowing these capers.
I ramble on through.
I’ve come to know.
Too many chances.
Is what makes love go.



June Faramore is a poet, songwriter, and novelist from Baltimore, MD. Her 365 Days of Poetry blog can be found at http://junefaramore.com



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