Poems by Denny E. Marshall


Walking the Shoreline

On a new planet walking the shoreline
Colors are different, not out of place
The sky is a little green, just a trace
The air fresh and clear, the light rain divine

Moons measured and counted, total of nine
Each with its round craters, each with a face
Forrest and flowers flowing like red wine
Colors are different, not out of place

Feel the sand on the beach, warmth of sunshine
An island that holds its beauty and grace
Monuments scattered, left from unknown race
With a breeze blowing gently, all was fine
On a new planet, walking the shoreline

Tens Reasons To Cross The Moat

It is there
Because of mystery
Another adventure
Never seen inside of castle
Tour the dungeon
To check view from the towers
Sit on the throne
Talk to the princess
Because you can
Property is for sale

Planet Hunting One Million AD

Every year since
They find more stars
Every year where wrong
From the year before
Every day new stars
Evermore planets
Some relative20 tries
To improve their credit
Trying to get
A 30-year fixed
Buying a planet
Choosing is hard
With millions of choices


Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction included in various publications. Some recent credits include poetry at Writer’s Tribe Review, Mystic Nebula, and Kalkion. Art in Dreams & Nightmares 96 and Frostfire Worlds #2. Cover art for Third Wednesday Fall 2013 and fiction at Wordhaus. Denny also has a website with previously published works: http://www.dennymarshall.com



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