Poems by June Faramore

The Way is Shut

two towers.
not by a bridge.
or a palantiri.
there is a coast.
embracing the bay-
of Denial, and
Costral still sits.
two Hands.
one of Sand.
and one
moist and crumbling.
Va awaits.
still shut out of home.
by two towers.
Of sand and bone.

Pools Between

one cold Spring day
I jumped into a pond–
convinced the Wood between the Worlds
would be on the other side.

I didn’t have a green ring or a yellow,
no magic dust in my family.
there was an old chest from my great-grandmother
where it used to be.

that late-March day
the jeers were too much to take.
I fell into the Nothing,
found a way to change my fate.

The Border

the border is a river
glistening in the moonlight
with the tales of stars.

distorted patterns cannot be trusted.
look beyond the trees
to the soft smile of Nama’s lips
cresting through the leaves.

home is far behind.
a new destination remains.
the pride of Illyn,
the captured bay,
the borderland of dreams.

June Faramore


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