The World is Full of Decay by June Faramore

“The world is full of decay.”

“We shouldn’t add to it then.”

“It is not our decision.”

“Then whose is it?”

“You know.”

“I don’t know.”

“No, you know. Do not make me say it.”

“But I don’t know!”

“It doesn’t matter, son. We need to do our job.”

“For a boss I don’t even know?”

“Yes. Do as I say son.”

“But not as you do, right? You do it. I’ll walk home.”

“You cannot do that.”

“Why not?”

“You are not old enough to be on your own.”

“Oh really? Then why did you tell Mom I was?”

“I needed you on this mission.”

“Don’t you have a partner or something? I thought you were a cop.”

“Not exactly.”

“What are you then?”

“More like what are we, my son.”

“I don’t work with you. I’m only thirteen. How could I have signed up
for this?”

“You did not. It is just who we are.”

“Couldn’t Mom help you instead? She’s great at killing things. You’ve
seen the garden out back.”

“Your mother will have no part of this.”

“Then I won’t either.”

“You have no choice.”

“Why? Because you say so?”


“Then why?”

“I cannot tell you. You must figure it out on your own.”

“Is this some sort of test? I don’t do well on those, you know.”

“Your mother has shown me your grades. It is not a test. But everyone in our condition has to find their own reasons, their own why.”

“It’s so beautiful Father.”

“I know.”

“Can’t I just keep it?”

“No. Think of how much I am gone. Could we keep all of those? It would not be fair.”

“Well, you always say the world’s not fair.”

“Take it son, your mother is expecting us home for dinner.”

“I don’t know how.”

“Touch it. You will see how.”

“It’s smiling at me.”

“It does not belong here, son. Do the job.”

“I don’t want a job!”

“You have as much choice in this as you did in your sex, child. Do it.
I cannot stand to watch it anymore.”

“She’s laying down, Dad, she knows what’s coming.”

“Always remember what it is son. Always.”

“I don’t know what she is! I just know she’s beautiful!”

“You have to do it now son.”

“Don’t touch me! Murder her yourself!”

“Shake it off son. It will all be clear. Let her go.”


“You have to do this. You chose to care for it. I told you to close
off your mind.”

“I won’t! You’ll have to kill us both!”

“Please do not make me end it, my son. Find your power, end it
yourself. Please.”

“You’re choking me!”

“You must see reason. Take its life. They cannot be allowed to stay.”

“But-she’s-so-beautiful-her-mind-the answers-”

“Do what you have to do.”


“What do you see?”

“The poisoned-heart-it’s-black-I’ll-”

“And what do you see now, son?

“The world is full of decay.”


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