Low Flying Fantasy: The Coldfire Trilogy

Today, I'll be talking about an underrated Science-Fantasy series by C.S. Friedman, The Coldfire Trilogy. Every so often, I'll find myself in a bookstore holding a book I might have started decades ago, or at least wanted to read, and so it was with the second book, When True Night Falls. I'm not even sure... Continue Reading →


WtF a Fantasy Podcast #9 – Dark/GrimDark Fantasy

Right-Click and hit Save Link As to Download In our latest webcast we talk about grimdark fantasy. We cover some of the authors that write these grittier works of fantasy like Abercrombie and Martin. We also discuss some of the negative press grimdark gets and why we think this type of fantasy has value. Panelists:... Continue Reading →

Read This Now: The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop

I owe a favor to a regular customer at Denny's years ago who recommended this trilogy to me. As an avid reader of more traditional epic fantasy, I was intrigued by his description of a series that was darker, and more erotic. Neither Papa Tolkien nor Mr. Feist cared much to describe intimate relationships between... Continue Reading →

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