Way too Fantasy was originally formed in December 2012 by friends from a NaNoWriMo group. Since then it has been through many incarnations including a quarterly fantasy webzine and resources site for fantasy writers and NaNo-novelists. After taking some time off of blogging, in late 2017 I decided to re-boot the site mainly as a fantasy book review blog.

About Me

I am the lone member left of the original WTF crew. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland where I still live along with my husband and three cats. I’ve been reading fantasy books as long as I could read and it’s still my favorite genre to read today. About 75-85% of what I read is speculative fiction with other top genres being romance, historical fiction, mystery and non-fiction.

What I love so much about the fantasy genre is the overall sense of wonder from the impossible becoming possible and the creativity that goes into crafting made-up worlds. I’d say my favorite sub-genres are currently urban fantasy, historical fantasy and fantasy of manners, but I try and read all over the genre. One of the best things about fantasy is how varied it is in the types of stories that are being told! I like reading books that are classics in the genre as well as new books that are being published. Despite reading on average 52 books a year, my to-be-read pile (more like a mountain at this point) continues to grow.

You can also find me hanging about reddit in the r/fantasy forum as /u/lrich1024 talking about books and answering questions about a yearly challenge I run called Fantasy Book Bingo.

My non-writing interests include reddit, K-dramas, tea parties, and wearing silly hats.

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Friend and Contributor of Way Too Fantasy

CJ Casey 

I am a writer and musician from Michigan who currently travels and lives in various parts of the Eastern US with my family. I have lived on four continents, traveled in the other two, and I have a large list of places we still have to go to. I collect local folklore and legends, ever since the day I realized that the stories my friends told me about things that happened to their friend’s friend’s uncle’s roommate were most likely not true. I also read and write fantasy, epic fantasy, horror, and hard science-fiction. I blog here, and you can also follow me on Twitter @bovisrex.

I am particularly fond of, and preach the gospel of, single-volume fantasy, the elusive “One and Done.” Although, I have also been accused of pushing the Malazan series and The Book of the New Sun on just about anyone who has ears, and I’m in the middle of writing a fantasy trilogy of my own, but that’s another story. When my characters let me step away from the keyboard and my notebooks, I hang out here.




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