The End. But Not Really.

It’s with mixed emotions that we are announcing today the discontinuation of our webzine. The final issue of Way too Fantasy webzine will be released at the end of October with content that has already submitted.

In the past year and a half, we’ve worked hard on putting together issues, editing content, and reaching out to others in the community to build this webzine up to where it’s been today. Unfortunately, we just no longer have the proper amount of time to commit to putting out the kind of quality issues we have in the past, and it would be unfair to slop something together on the fly. Therefore, for the time being at least, there are no further plans to put out any future issues of the webzine after our final issue is released at the end of this month. We may still post short fiction occasionally, but for now, the webzine is no more.

Now, all that being said, we are still planning on doing things here at the blog. Perhaps more webcasts and more articles–plans are in the works and more info will be coming shortly.

So, this isn’t really The End. Just a fresh start.

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4 Responses to The End. But Not Really.

  1. Davide Mana says:

    Can’t clike the “Like” button on this one 😦
    Sad news.
    And yet, I really hope this is the start of something even better.
    Thank you for your hard work, and best wishes for your future plans.

  2. Good luck in the new approach. Sometimes the reset is the best thing and I hope it does exactly that.

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