WtF a Fantasy Podcast #26 – Stand Alone Fantasy

This week on the webcast we talked about stand alone fantasy novels. Some of the works we discussed:  Little, Big, The Princess Bride, and Elantris. There was also a good bit of talk about Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint. Tune in below to see what all was brought up, leave us a comment and... Continue Reading →


The Walking Dead: Why Do So Many Characters Irritate Me?

As I found myself re-watching The Walking Dead recently, I discovered that I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about this show. And what started out as part of a facebook post has now ballooned into what you see below—not an analysis of the show but more of an attempt to organize those thoughts... Continue Reading →

World Within One Book

I confess that I have a fondness, a weakness for single volume fantasy novels, and it is a fondness that nagged at me all throughout childhood until I finally embraced it in my 20s. Like many other fantasy readers, I first experimented with the ever-popular gateway drug some call The Lord of the Rings, and... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #25 – Trilogy, Trilogy, Trilogy

This week on the webcast we got together to talk about our favorite fantasy trilogies. There was much speak on Farseer, LOTR, Merlin trilogy, Kushiel, The Black Magician trilogy, and Memory, Snow, and Thorn. Also, just a reminder that we’re looking for submissions for our next issue coming out in April, so send us your... Continue Reading →

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