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2013 – A Year in SFF – June’s Picks

Favorite picks from the year? We’re going to go with what I’ve read/seen, because as the whole mom-type person my to be read and to be watched lists are forever a mile long.

What was your favorite fantasy/sci-fi book you read in 2013?

I’ve adored the Farseer Trilogy since some sort of nano related recommendation brought me to it about five years ago, and I reread it this year, but my favorite new read is Kushiel’s Dart by Jaqueline Carey (spanks, Lisa). Honorable mention to The Crystal Caves, by Mary Stewart, and A Memory of Light, by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson. Bookends on the year, as it were. Merlin was brought to my attention again by WtF, and, well, many fantasy fans have been waiting for the WoT to FINALLY end. Sanderson did a good job, for the right reasons, as that link will show you. And somehow, Words of Radiance is coming already. The man is a machine.

Your Favorite fantasy/sci-fi movie of 2013?

The preface here is: I don’t get out much. That being said, Desolation of Smaug was satisfying, and Captain America entertained me a lot more than I thought it would.

Favorite fantasy/sci-fi tv show of 2013?

The White Queen is really a historical fantasy, and I loved every crazy damn minute of the mini-series I managed to see. The boat. Wow.


I also want to hump Game of Thrones. At least I read the books before the tv show came out. It is a tricky slope talking to those who are new to the series. So many threads to Martin they blur eventually, so spoilers become a real concern. It’s worth it to talk to a bunch of new people about some intricate fantasy though.

Best any-other-genre-that’s-not-SF-or-fantasy book?

Skipped Parts by Tim Sandlin honestly spoke to me as a mother, which not a lot of books have been able to do. Let’s forget about what this says about me, and think about the style and deceptively simple plot of my pick. There’s a strange sort of hope to Skipped Parts, and it is recommended reading for all with an interest in the human condition.

Best fantasy/sci-fi poetry or short story anthology?

I cannot think of anyone but CJ Cherryth at the moment. The Princes in the Tower story is so compelling, and the twist on the Tower of London as a whole in The Haunted Tower made me fall in love with her inspirations and twists on well-known tales in her short fiction. The General made me fall in love with her sentiments and style.  

Who’s the best author you discovered this year?

Saladin Ahmed. I love NK Jemisin even more for leading me to him. Throne of the Crescent Moon is Ghostbusters meets Arabian Nights. Yes, this is a hilarious generalization. It is also epic fantasy, though more on the personal side of it, like Hobb or Carey without the first-person. More would spoil the goodness. It is a must read.

Favorite fantasy/sci-fi or writing related websites or blogs?

It’s got its good points and its bad points, but The Mary Sue fits here.

Any other favorite fantasy/sci-fi related things from the year?

Not a favorite, but we’ll go with significant. My writing buddy Dale died in April. He  loved Doctor Who and wrote an intriguing time-travel romance during the first nano we spent doing word wars.


With Words of Radiance coming and broadcasts and zines brewing at Way too Fantasy, this should be an excellent 2014. Share your picks from 2013, and hopes for the genre in the new year.


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