WtF a Fantasy Podcast #15 – Contemporary Fantasy

Here’s the audio version of the week’s broadcast. Feel free to download and take it with you!

During yesterday’s webcast we talked about contemporary fantasy and some of the things that define it as a genre. We discussed various books, television shows, and movies that are good examples of contemporary fantasy as well. Tune in to find out all the details!

To download, right click this link and select ‘save link as’.


Lisa Richardson
CJ Casey

Webcast Notes:

  • 00:01 – intro and definition of contemporary fantasy
  • 03:50 – Harry Potter as modern fantasy
  • 05:02 – Victorian children’s lit as contemporary fantasy
  • 06:18 – Life of Pi
  • 10:24 – Chuck Wendig and China Mieville
  • 14:09 – Stories from ghosts’ perspectives
  • 20:01 – Sleepy Hollow television series
  • 22:42 – Hayao Miyazaki and contemporary fantasy
  • 28:06 – upcoming stuff and summary


Charles de Lint
Chuck Wendig
China Mieville – King Rat
J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter
Alice Sebold – The Lovely Bones
Yann Martel – Life of Pi
Mark Helprin – Winter’s Tale

Movies – Life of Pi, The Lovely Bones, Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi, My Neighbor Totoro

Television – Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies, Sleepy Hollow

Other media – The Sandman (comics/graphic novels) by Neil Gaiman, Hotarubi no Mori e (manga) by Yuki Midorikawa.

Other resources – China Mieville on fantasy and Tolkien.

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