New WtF cast Wednesday: Steampunk

This Wednesday on WtF webcast we’ll be talking about steampunk, along with a little cyberpunk, and perhaps a mention of elfpunk (we’ll see how things go). Just what is steampunk? Is it all corsets and goggles and steam powered airships? And is cyberpunk all about hackers? As usual, we’ll be going over what defines the genres, and more, during our examination of them.

We’ll also be discussing some of our favorite works, including the hauntingly brilliant and grotesquely beautiful film, La Cité des Enfants Perdus. There will mostly likely be some mention of the anime Last Exile, and perhaps we’ll throw a little Repo! The Genetic Opera in there for fun. But, wait! There will be more! To find out what else we’ll be talking about, be sure to tune in on Wednesday at 9pm ET, or check out our completed webcast on Thursday, right here, at Way too Fantasy.

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