WtF a Fantasy Podcast #12 – Historical Fantasy

Here’s the audio version of the week’s broadcast. Feel free to download and take it with you!

This week on the webcast we chatted about historical fantasy, what defines it, how it relates to alternate history, and why we love it. We brought up works both from inside and outside the fantasy genre that we consider to be historical fantasy. Tune in below to see what it’s all about. Don’t feel shy, drop us a note in the comments if you have any recommendations for reading in this genre!

To download, right click this link and select ‘save link as’.


Lisa Richardson
CJ Casey

Webcast Notes:

  • 00:01 – intro and some announcements
  • 01:22 – definition and difference from alternate history
  • 06:40 – best example – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
  • 11:20 – other examples – more magic in London
  • 13:01 – CJ’s picks – dragons, mecha, and time travel, oh my!
  • 18:11 – Lisa’s picks – non-genre historical fantasy
  • 24:59 – late Roman period in Britannia, anyone?
  • 28:15 – summary of historical fantasy


Susanna Clarke – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Patricia C. Wrede – A Matter of Magic
Naomi Novak – His Majesty’s Dragons
Harry Turtledove – The Guns of the South
Scott Westerfeld – Leviathan series
Jack Finney – Time and Again
Judith Merkle Riley
Anne Rice – Servant of the Bones, Pandora
Susan Carroll – The Dark Queen saga
Poul and Karen Anderson – King of Ys series
William Dietrich- Hadrian’s Wall
Takashi MatsuokaCloud of Sparrows, Autumn Bridge
Kara Dalkey – Genpei
Mary Robinette Kowal
Philippa Gregory – The White Queen

Television – The White Queen mini-series


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