New WtF cast Wednesday: Magic Realism

This week on the webcast we’ll be talking about Magic Realism, a type of fantasy surrealism where magical elements exist in a realistic world. We’ll be discussing Jorge Luis Borges, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Amos Tutola, Philip K Dick, and others. Also, Harry Potter, is any of it magic realism?

Expect some discussion on meta fiction and surrealism. Also modern fiction and whether or not it’s magic realism. Works such as Tom Robbin’s Jitterbug Perfume, Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, and Big Fish (both the book and the film) will be discussed.

Tune in Wednesday at 1PM EST, or check it on the blog next day.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be our LAST 1PM EST cast, all future casts will be at 9PM EST Wednesdays live on our channel.

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    We have webcasts every Wednesday, join us live!

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