New WtF Cast Wednesday: Urban Fantasy

We continue to explore the different sub-genres of Fantasy on WtF cast, and this week’s episode will be focused on Urban Fantasy. As with many sub-genres of Fantasy, there is a bit of debate around what constitutes Urban Fantasy and how it differs from Modern Fantasy (or whether they differ at all).

Along with what defines Urban Fantasy, we’ll be discussing authors that have written in the genre including Charles de Lint, Laurell K. Hamilton, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher and many others. We’ll also be talking about Harry Potter and if it can be considered a work in the genre.

What do you think of when you think Urban Fantasy? Do you have any favorite authors or works in the genre? Let us know, perhaps you might get a mention in the cast!  Join us live Wednesday on our youtube channel for the broadcast at 1pm Eastern time or keep an eye out for the completed cast later in the day if you are busy.

Lastly, here’s a poll if you prefer to be anon in your opinion, or if you just like polls, weee!


2 thoughts on “New WtF Cast Wednesday: Urban Fantasy

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  1. Is this the appopriate place to introduce myself? I’m the traditionally published author of science fiction and fantasy with a new urban fantasy, The Garden of Abracadabra (first volume in the Abracadabra Series). Looking forward to exploring your website.

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