WtF a Fantasy Podcast #4 – Comic Fantasy

On today's WtF webcast we talked about Comic Fantasy, huzzah!  Piers Anthony, Bored of the Rings, Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures series, Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, Good Omens by Gaiman and Pratchett, Lamb by Christopher Moore, John Moore's works, and Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles were all discussed. Also a little talk about The Princess... Continue Reading →


Wtf a Fantasy Podcast #3 – Urban Fantasy

We continue to explore the various sub-genres of Fantasy and this week's cast was focused on Urban Fantasy. Throughout we discuss exactly what defines Urban Fantasy, and the various authors and novels that express key elements of the genre. There's a long discussion about Laurell K. Hamilton, what she means to the genre and how... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #2 – Scifi as Fantasy

Here's our second cast, broadcast and recorded earlier today. Apologies if anyone tried to jump in on the broadcast, we were super late due to multiple tech issues. This week we talk about Scifi and how it relates to Fantasy as a sub-genre and some authors with blurry Scifi/Fantasy works including Heinlein, Terry Brooks, Anne... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #1 – Intro and Influences

Last week the editors got together to produce a podcast. In it we introduce ourselves, talk a little about the creation of Way too Fantasy as well as our influences. See notes below video for details and tune in to find out what we're all about. In the future we'll be doing podcasts on a... Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim: A Non-spoilery Review

For different reasons (former anime obsession, love of Japanese horror/monster films, an admiration for Guillermo del Toro's stylistic choices as director) the movie I've most anticipated coming out this year is Pacific Rim. For those of you that aren't geeks/nerds, or that don't follow upcoming movies at all, Pacific Rim is about giant monsters coming... Continue Reading →

Unicornblues’ Five Fave Fantasy Flicks

Let me preface this by noting that this is my own personal list of favorites. I'm not trying to say these are the best movies out there, just that they're the ones I happen to enjoy the most. Everyone has different tastes and what one person finds interesting and entertaining, another person might think is... Continue Reading →

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