Recent Changes and Reminders

Just wanted to announce some recent (awesome!) changes we’ve made to the Digest, as well as remind you all of our upcoming issue.

First, the changes.  We will no longer have themed issues.  Rejoice! What started out as a means to help inspire you to write kind of became a restriction and, therefore, we tossed it out the window.  Hey, if it doesn’t work, get rid of it, right?

Now, because we still believe in giving writers inspiration, we’re going to be posting daily writing prompts beginning in the near future.  These are merely to inspire everyone to write and have nothing to do with what you can and cannot submit for publication.

In addition to the daily writing prompts we also have some other great things in the works that we’re very excited about.  Announcements to come later when details are finalized.

Last, but certainly not least, Issue Two: Unseen will be published on July 1st.  We’ve got a lot of great submissions this time around, so I hope you’re all looking forward to that as much as we are.  With the publication of our second issue we’re also starting the submission period for our third issue, so if you want to contribute, please check out our submission guidelines.

A special shout-out to all of those that submitted for our second issue, your time and effort is sincerely appreciated!

And finally, thanks to those of you out there that have been following our blog, reading our posts, and our first issue.  You’re all awesome.

Have a great weekend,

–the Editors

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